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Small pieces of history, to always carry with you.

Kalavrìa Collection

Furnishing accessories with a design entirely inspired by stories, places, and characters from ancient times. Magna Grecia, of that specific area which is today's Calabria. In these "tales", olive wood is paired with iron that pairs well with our precious natural resource.

Trinacria Collection

A unique journey made of light, wood, and iron among the tales of Sicily, that Trinacria which was the fertile womb where some of the most developed civilizations of the ancient world flourished, and which is now being narrated through the new collection of home decor accessories branded Aliva Design.

Apulia Collection

An elegant and minimal collection dedicated to the stories of what is considered to be the "homeland" par excellence of olive trees. "Apulia": small, modern objects made from ancient trees that need protecting.

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