100% LIVING TREE WOOD - This product has been created without felling trees. We used wood sourced from the pruning of ancient olive trees. Upon purchase, the relevant certification will be provided.

“Castore e Polluce” Decorative Vases


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Not simple furnishing elements but pieces of history
We use the wood of centuries-old olive trees, without cutting them down, but using seasonal pruning waste. Each product is numbered and certified. Pruning is not commissioned by us but carried out by the supplying agricultural companies, only if necessary for the plant, and is verified by pruners in possession of professional qualifications recognized by official bodies.
We donate 4% of each sale to plant olive trees in Salento tormented by Xylella, supporting the Apulian association OlivaMi.


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The story that inspires this work originates from two solitary columns, unknown to most, part of an ancient Roman temple (today lost) dedicated to the two heroes, located in the countryside of Curinga, in the current province of Catanzaro. Legend has it that around VI century BC, Castore and Polluce, in Calabria, together with the Locrian army, poorly armed, outnumbered and with very little hopes of success, managed to defeat the rivals of the nearby Kroton, far more numerous and better equipped.
This unexpected victory was possible thanks to a divine intervention during the battle. Among the ranks of Locrian soldiers, exhausted and close to defeat, two warriors suddenly appeare. Different in appearance, beautiful and endowed with a supernatural strength, these heros, Castor and Pollux, sons of Zeus, defeated the adversaries and routed the Kroton army.
The myth of Castor and Pollux is now embodied in these splendid handmade vases. The form and the olive wood, with its robustness, encapsulate their value and strength, while a subtly hinted PLA base represents the agility of the warriors. "Castor and Pollux" are a non plus ultra for those who want to furnish their living spaces with a minimal style that exudes a lot of personality.

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