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Home décor created with wood sourced from living trees and specifically with scrapes collected from the pruning of secular Italian olive trees.

An inspiring tale, passed down by nature's most reliable witnesses

They have always been silent protagonists, with roots that delve into lands rich in history that has enriched for centuries. We have given voice to the olive trees, allowing them to "tell" stories, unknown or forgotten, to which they have borne witness.

Short and sustainable supply chain

The contribution of professional pruners ensures the proper cutting operation and certifies the origin of the wood, providing clear information about the "journey" of the product for sale.

Modern craftsmanship

The production phase is entrusted to selected artisans that belong to the land and are the only remaining heirs of this trade and its traditions. These artisans have a deep knowledge of both the tools and modern working processes.

Minimalist nature-inspired design

Simple. Clean lines. Never dull. Aliva Designs are minimal. They elegantly decode the naturally "chaotic" shapes that differentiate olive wood.

Our Products

Today, “Aliva Design” presents a total of four collections,
each pays homage to the region from which our wood originates:
“Kalavrìa“, “Trinacria” and “Apulia“.

Every collection features four pieces
dedicated to prominent figures, places and monuments of Calabria, Sicily and Apulia.

Aliva Design also presents four “Polloni“, gadgets and accessories.

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